Areas of Expertise

Physics meets wine: from vineyard to bottle


Through modeling and numerical simulation, Celsius offers innovative, customized solutions to help you anticipate possible problems in your vineyard and winery and optimize your processes. By validating technological solutions before they are rolled out, Celsius helps you to limit the R&D costs incurred in experimental trials and prototype production.

Applying this scientific methodology to all areas of vinegrowing and winemaking, Celsius can predict environmental changes and their impact on yields and quality. These studies then provide the basis for advice on the methods and tools best suited to your particular needs. So Celsius can do at least three vital things for you: save you time, save you money and improve your yields.





  • Numerical simulation of a tank

Although we can’t see the phenomena, wine stored in a vat is constantly moving. Celsius offers a numerical simulation of this movement in various receptacles, taking into account shape, material and thermal conditions in order to help you create the tank best suited to your needs.





  • Airflow in a winery

Celsius also offers thermal studies of your winery, taking into account airflow, in order to anticipate their impact on barrels and tanks: natural airflow, heating, air-conditioning, impact of daily tasks, optimization of buildings in collaboration with the architect.

These studies also look at reducing power waste in order to limit costs and environmental impact. Working in collaboration with the architect from the outset makes allows for the optimization of airflow and energy consumption. It also becomes possible to predict the thermal atmosphere of the building, in order to better control it and decide where to place tanks.


  • Anticipating climate change

Finally, Celsius offers plot-level studies of your vineyard, taking into account foliage, topology, aerodynamics and meteorology in order to offer support on different issues: impact of sunshine and clouds, frost, fire ignition points, irrigation, pesticide drift.

Celsius offers innovative, customized solutions.